In A Book a Month we offer two types of courses!


we read one book each month

we meet twice (2x) a month

the meetings take around 2h30min

the investment is R$140 per month

there are separated groups of Intermediate and Advanced 


one story a week

up to
10 pages, less than 30 minutes of reading

classes every Tuesday, from 19:30  to 21:00

level Intermediate or above

the investment is R$240 per month

(or R$340 in the 2-course plan)

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Ideal for those who:

- Don't have time to read a book a month
- Want to practice English every week
- Want to meet authors
from all over the world

In  A Book a Month you will find a place to practice all four skills to be a competent English speaker. It doesn't matter if you choose the course NOVELS or the SHORT STORIES, our main focus is conversation and the theme to be discussed in each meeting is a literary work written by renowned writers.

The meetings are held every week for the SHORT STORIES course and twice a month in alternate weeks for the NOVELS, so everyone has enough time to read what is required. 

Each session starts with a critical introduction to the texts and then I create discussion prompts that are going to be used throughout the meeting. Would you like to watch a class? You can do it here